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    Has TL 9000 Improved Telecommunications Industry Quality? 

    When clients are making the decision to certify to TL 9000, a question that we are often asked is if certification will make their company stronger and help to reduce poor quality.  The answer is a resounding “yes”,  as evidenced by the improvements in profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction organizations experience as they mature in their quality system (TL 9000 and ISO 9001).

    TL 9000 is in its second decade as the telecommunications quality standard.  QuEST Forum the governing body over the standard, fields the same questions about improvements in quality and performance.  To back-up claims about TL 9000 and TL 9000 certified companies; they publish a number of reports regarding measures in different categories.  Has TL 9000 improved telecommunications industry quality?  That would also be a resounding “yes” and the numbers simply don’t lie.

    For example, in the Hardware Return Rates (FR) Wireless Network Infrastructure Study, the monthly average ERI over the four categories improved 45% from 2.0% per year to 1.1 % per year.  YRR showed dramatic improvement in 2 of 4 product categories (Base Transceiver System with 75% decrease in returns and WLAN Base Stations with 71% decrease in returns.)

    In the OTD (On Time Delivery) Study, five categories experienced major delivery performance improvement.  The overall variability across categories reduced from (31% – 98%) to (72% – 99%) and the Worst In Class delivery performance improved on average from 30% to 54%.  The data clearly illustrates the importance and benefits of TL 9000 measurements and benchmarking.  Use your data in RFPs to show clients the benefits you bring as a TL 9000 supplier.  All of the current QuEST Forum reports can be accessed on our Knowledge Base and make great case statements about the value of being a TL 9000 certified company.

    Next week, we will address a question that we have received about ISO 5001 regarding “energy management”.  Then we begin a new 4-part series on TL 9000’s alignment with ISO 14001, the environmental management system (EMS).  You won’t want to miss this series, as corporate sustainability now strongly influences best practices and trends in procurement and supply management.  For more information on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TL 9000 implementation contact: info@bizphyx.com.

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    BIZPHYX Approved As Global TL 9000 Training Provider 

    BIZPHYX the nation’s leading quality management consultancy, specializing in the implementation of TL 9000 (the telecommunications quality standard), is pleased to announce that they have been approved as a global provider of TL 9000 sanctioned training.

    For several years, BIZPHYX has been a QuEST Forum selected training provider in North and South America.  As a new global training provider of TL 9000 sanctioned training, BIZPHYX will be participating in the APAC Best Practices Conference in November in Beijing, China and the APAC Best Practices Conference in April 2012 in Delhi, India.  BIZPHYX is now able to facilitate international training projects and this coincides with additional ventures to help promote telecommunications quality in Asia, while advancing multi-national women owned businesses.

    “We are thrilled at the opportunity to provide TL 9000 QuEST Forum sanctioned training around the globe,” said Sue Clancy, President and CEO of BIZPHYX.  “Over the next several months, we will begin meeting with companies in China and India to explain the benefits of TL 9000 certification.  Global quality standards are an imperative in the telecommunications industry and TL 9000 is that standard.”  BIZPHYX is now designated as a global training provider on the QuEST Forum website.

    BIZPHYX has the distinction of two TL 9000 Master Trainers on staff and unlike other quality consultants, is also certified to both ISO 9001 and TL 9000.  BIZPHYX is a member of QuEST Forum, the American Society of Quality, the Institute For Supply Management and the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association.  The company assists clients in other industries such as energy and transportation with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 training, consulting, internal auditing and risk management services and develops supplier development and strategic sourcing solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

    BIZPHYX now serves clients in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Asia. For more information on TL 9000 training in Asia, contact info@bizphyx.com

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    TL 9000 News: Updated TL 9000 Portal and Best Practices 

    Many exciting things are happening regarding the TL 9000 standard and its growth and acceptance in ASIA.  We’ve got an important announcement next week regarding BIZPHYX’s new role in that process.  The 2011 APAC Best Practices Conference will be held November 8-10, 2011 in Beijing, China and will center around the theme “Integrated Communications: The Next Quality Paradigm.”  BIZPHYX CEO, Sue Clancy will be facilitating jump-starts at this conference in Beijing.

    The next QuEST Forum America’s Best Practices Conference will be held September 12–14, 2011 in Seattle, Washington, following the same theme of “Integrated Communications”.  BIZPHYX is a sponsor of the Executive Board Dinner along with colleagues Teltech Communications and Triage Partners.

    Recently, the Annual Performance Data Reports (PDRs) were recalculated to include the average number of normalization units from all certified registrations in 2010 for each of the measurements where normalization units apply.  These Annual PDRs are accessed from the TL 9000 Registration home page and are free to all TL 9000 certified registrations.  QuEST Forum member companies will be able to retrieve all product category’s Annual PDR data in early July from the normal monthly Performance Data Reports access page.

    Finally, the latest version of the QuEST Forum/TL 9000 portal is now live.  Several changes were made, including the explicit declaration of exclusions and exemptions in the TL 9000 registration profile and the addition of a new feature-the ability to upload photos for QuEST Forum events.  You can also view photos uploaded by other conference attendees.

    Please RSS the support desk for the latest TL 9000 news and announcements.  For more information contact info@bizphyx.com.

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    TL 9000 News Update: Measurements For Next Generation Networks 

    It has been a busy time regarding the future of the TL 9000 standard.  Last week at the EMEA Best Practices Conference held in Rome, Italy, Tim Harden, President of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations for AT&T was the featured speaker.  Tim’s presentation entitled “Network Evolution & The Mandate for Quality”, addressed current trends regarding the increase in IP traffic on the network, emphasizing the challenges for the supply chain to improve quality and performance to meet customer requirements.

    Over the next five years, existing communication networks will be evolving into an IP-based architecture.  This encompasses a high degree of software in network elements. The current methods used to measure the efficiency and performance of the networks do not apply to these new technologies.  This new measurement challenge is being addressed by a special executive initiative within QuEST Forum.  The objective of this project is to create a new blueprint and guide the implementation of TL 9000 measurements for the future IP-based network.

    BIZPHYX is involved in many initiatives that continue to advance the TL 9000 standard, which includes multiple roles on a variety of QuEST Forum committees and workgroups, such as the Small Business Subgroup.  The Small Business Subgroup includes QuEST Forum member companies who serve as TL 9000 subject matter experts (SMEs) and who help develop solutions to small business problems.  This group meets monthly to share these best practices.  This month, Gale Leonard, who operates the Tampa office of BIZPHYX, will be leading training on “Implementing Effective Corrective Action Plans”.

    Stay tuned to the TL 9000 support desk for future news and updates on these emerging trends and topics regarding TL 9000 quality.  For more information e-mail info@bizphyx.com.

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    Are You Confusing TL 9000 Training Requirements? 

    There are distinct training requirements with TL 9000: Advance Quality Training and Quality and Process Improvement Concepts Training.  Often implementers of the TL 9000 standard confuse these two training requirements.  TL 9000 requires the following: “those employees who have a direct impact on the quality of the product, including top management, shall be trained in and apply the fundamental concepts of continual improvement, problem solving and customer satisfaction.”

    It further requires that “the organization shall offer appropriate levels of advanced quality training.  Examples of advanced quality training may include statistical techniques, process capability, statistical sampling, data collection and analysis, problem identification, problem analysis and root cause analysis”.  What are the basic differences in these requirements other than one requires training in fundamental concepts and the other calls for you to offer advanced quality training?

    First, you are required to train all employees that have a direct impact (including top management) on the fundamentals and make sure that these concepts are applied.  You can satisfy this requirement by teaching basic continual improvement concepts such as “plan, do, check and act” and problem solving concepts, such as what types of tools are used for working with ideas like the fishbone diagram and what tools are valuable for numbers and data like trend charts.  You can teach employees the importance of customer satisfaction by illustrating how much it costs to gain new customers versus retaining current ones.  There have been studies done on this topic and they are accessible on the web or through our e-learning module.

    On the other hand, you are only required to offer advanced quality training.  The implication here is that you will encourage applicable employees to take advanced quality training where it is valuable to the organization and as a career builder for the employee.  Examples are given in the standard.  Since TL 9000 is a quality standard and not a tool in and of itself, you might consider some tools to use in making improvements within the standard such as LEAN SIX SIGMA or others, and train employees that will participate in such programs.  Often it is necessary to train employees in handling data, root cause analysis and other techniques, to ensure that they can play an effective role in continuing to improve your quality and customer satisfaction.

    Please keep in mind if employees can demonstrate with a certificate that they have had this training, the standard doesn’t require you to train them again.  Also, make sure you keep records of any training you provide for audit evidence.   These records can include certificates or attendance sheets that list the dates, names of employees trained and the subjects taught.  For more information on TL 9000 training requirements contact bclancy@bizphyx.com.

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