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    TL 9000 News: A Report On ICT Quality In India and A New CEO For QuEST Forum 

    BIZPHYX Senior Vice President, Bob Clancy just returned from a 2-week training junket in India where he delivered another series of TL 9000 quality management training courses in New Delhi and Bangalore.

    The courses were extremely well attended by some of India’s brightest minds in telecom and ICT.  India and China are leading the way (in Asia) with the adoption of TL 9000, the global ICT quality management standard.  The QuEST Forum India Hub is creating a path for more education in the region, utilizing BIZPHYX executives to facilitate overview and advanced training of telecom executives in the region.  This effort is also being championed by Bharti Airtel Ltd and Wipro.

    In fact, many of the recent TL 9000 registrations are from Asia.  Our congratulations to the newest TL 9000 registrants: 3Z Telecom, Cybiotronics (Far East) Limited, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, Gonzales Communications, Inc., MAPtech, Mentech Electronics Co. Ltd and Sunwoo Communication Co., Ltd.

    We all had a great time and we appreciate your support and hospitality.  Dhanyavad!


    Bangalore TL 9000 Training Class Photo

    BIZPHYX SVP, Bob Clancy With TL 9000 Students In Bangalore, India (May 2012)


    Back in the USA, QuEST Forum, the governing body over the TL 9000 standard made a surprising announcement about a new CEO appointment for the organization.

    Trevor Putrah, President and COO of KGP Logistics, the 2012 Board Chair of QuEST Forum and Tim Harden, President of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations for AT&T, the 2012 Executive Board Vice Chair of QuEST Forum, released this joint statement:

    ….Following extensive review and discussion, we are thrilled to let you know that Fraser Pajak will be joining QuEST Forum as CEO.  Fraser is retiring from TELUS Communications as Vice President, National Service Infrastructure Support in May, and he will join QuEST Forum staff effective September 1, 2012.

    Most of you know Fraser well from his activity and leadership as a Director on the QuEST Forum Executive Board and the 2009 Chair of the QuEST Forum Executive Board, along with his extensive work leading the Network and Service Reliability Benchmarking Strategic Initiative (EB6).  Fraser brings a wealth of knowledge in network operations, and his experience and perspective from a service provider standpoint will be essential as we look to continue to build QuEST Forum relevance globally.

    Fraser Pajak will be leading a global organizational challenge to advance TL 9000 adoption in other segments of ICT such as cable and broadband, by utilizing his expertise and experience with TELUS Canada to influence other C-suite executives in the communications industry.

    We believe some big developments regarding the standard will be forthcoming in 2013!  For more information on TL 9000 training and implementation contact info@bizphyx.com.


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    BIZPHYX Delivers TL 9000 Education In India: The QuEST Forum APAC 2012 

    BIZPHYX will be participating in the upcoming QuEST Forum TL 9000 APAC Best Practices Conference April 2-5 in New Delhi, India.  The 2012 Conference entitled “Integrated Communications Services: Anytime, Anywhere” features an impressive list of speakers and Diamond sponsors including AT&T, China Telecom and Ericsson.

    Tim Harden, President of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations for AT&T and the QuEST Forum Executive Board Vice Chair will deliver the keynote presentation: “Technology Evolution and the Mandate for Quality”.

    This year’s conference is a four-day event, offering an intensive learning experience that includes keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and executive sessions with a focus on the region.

    After the conference, BIZPHYX SVP and TL 9000 Master Trainer, Robert Clancy will return to India in April and May to deliver TL 9000 Sanctioned Courses in measurements, requirements and auditing.  Visit the TL 9000 global section of the BIZPHYX website for more information or to register for courses.

    Bob was just in the region in February, delivering TL 9000 Introduction and Overview courses in conjunction with the India Hub.  This complimentary education was delivered in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi:

    TL 9000 Students At The AirTel Center In New Delhi

    Students At The AirTel Center In New Delhi Obtaining TL 9000 Introduction & Overview Education (Feb 2012)

    BIZPHYX In India

    BIZPHYX SVP, Robert Clancy Delivering TL 9000 Training Courses at the AirTel Center in New Delhi (Feb 2012)

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    TL 9000 Curriculum Paths: Know Your Path 

    In preparing for our recent trip to India to deliver TL 9000 Education and Overview courses, several questions were presented to us about which sanctioned courses an individual should take.  Sometimes those new to the TL 9000 standard have legitimate questions about which course is right for them, depending upon their current position.

    This curriculum path has proven to be very helpful to the quality executives that we are working with in India, but is has universal application.  We have now posted this curriculum path on our TL 9000 Course Library page and on our Knowledge Base.  A snapshot of the chart is shown below:



    Before registering for a TL 9000 sanctioned course, it is important to know which path of learning is best for you in your current position.  There are four basic paths:

    • the Executive/Contributor path
    • the Practitioners Non-Auditing path
    • the Practitioners Auditing path
    • the CB Auditors (third party) path

    Our TL 9000 curriculum path PDF describes the different learning paths in great detail and outlines the recommended courses for each learning path.  Access this PDF on our Knowledge Base.  This should help you make a determination about which course is right for you.  If you require any further assistance with TL 9000 sanctioned courses, please contact bclancy@bizphyx.com.

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    TL 9000 Road Map: A Busy Year For A Rapidly Deploying ICT Quality Standard 

    The 2012 QuEST Forum Leadership Summit took place last week in Dallas (January 30-February 3).  It was an incredible week of networking, sharing, learning and of course–strategizing.  During “The State of the Forum” presentation, QuEST Forum 2012 Executive Board Chair, Trevor Putrah and QuEST Forum COO, Don Pickens provided a recap of 2011 and outlined plans and goals for 2012.

    2011 was defined as a year of “continuing progress”.  There was growth in TL 9000 registrations and the Member Value Survey and the TL 9000 Survey yielded very high scores in the categories of member satisfaction and likely to renew.  QuEST Forum continues to engage small businesses through the Small Business Subgroup.  The efforts of the Membership and TL 9000 Recruitment team enabled QuEST Forum to retain and add many new members.

    Although 2011 presented some real economic challenges (coupled with many mergers and acquisitions throughout the industry), there was a substantial growth in certified locations which increased to 1,978, (up from 1,692 in 2006), with the majority of that growth occurring in the APAC region, followed by the Americas region.

    It was also revealed that TL 9000 is on the fast track to become the Chinese National Standard for telecommunications quality.  Leadership has been added in all global regions, including the addition of paid staff for the India Hub.  Arun Malik with Bharti Airtel is now the Executive Director of the India Region.

    QuEST Forum also strengthened the global benchmarking study for the Network Reliability Centers with the inclusion of relevant measures developed by major service providers.  Performance Data Reports demonstrate that the use of the TL 9000 QMS continues to improve industry quality and reliability.

    So, what are the challenges and initiatives for 2012?  First and foremost, QuEST Forum has defined its vision: “to be the global force for improving the quality of products and services delivered to customers of information and communication technologies” (ICT).  Make note of the acronym ICT as TL 9000 evolves to integrate information and communications quality objectives.

    The focus for 2012 has been defined as “Driving TL 9000 Measurements Throughout the Global ICT Supply Chain”.  To support this effort, there is a plan to strengthen QuEST Forum though further membership growth and regional engagement.  This includes fortifying relationships with other industry associations, government agencies and regulatory bodies throughout the globe.  With that, QuEST Forum is committed to driving the TL 9000 standard in the cable industry and other related communication technologies.

    Strengthening benchmarking efforts and TL 9000 in particular for services providers, network operators, managed services and wireless operations will further support the 2012 focus.  Broader engagement of TL 9000 throughout the communications supply chain is the big goal.  While APAC growth is solid, EMEA still remains a challenge and there are steps being taken to help with that influence in Europe.

    There are some very aggressive strategic initiatives planned in Marketing Outreach, Performance Data Reports, Network and Service Reliability Performance and Measurements For Next Generation Networks.

    For example, with Network and Service Reliability Performance, there is a plan to expand the areas of study to include wireless and managed services.  With the Next Generation Network Measurements (EB-9) initiative there is an accelerated effort to enhance TL 9000 measurements to address converged, next generation and IP-based communication networks.  Tim Harden, President of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations for AT&T is leading the Next Gen initiative.  Tim is the 2012 Vice Chair and Chair Emeritus of the QuEST Forum Executive Board. In addition to his governance with the Next Gen initiative, Tim will be heading to Korea next month to help develop leadership for the Korean Hub.

    This focus for 2012 reflects a bold and energetic plan which also includes several global events such as the APAC Best Practices Conference, April 3-5 in New Delhi and the EMEA Best Practices Conference June 11-13 in Madrid, Spain.

    It goes without saying that several BIZPHYX executives are very involved in many of these enterprises.  Bob Clancy is Secretary of the Global Business Excellence Group (GBE).  Jennifer Simcox is Secretary of the Americas Region and Chair of the New Member Sub-Team.  BIZPHYX President and CEO, Sue Clancy is Co-Chair of the Jump Start Mentor Program and Co-Chair of the Small Business Group.

    Jennifer and Sue were recognized for their contributions at this year’s Leadership Summit and awarded with the 2011 QuEST Forum COO Award.  Jennifer and Sue are both two-time recipients of this award.  BIZPHYX Senior Vice President, Bob Clancy was presented with same award for 2010.

    When there are changes or upgrades to report regarding the TL 9000 standard, you can be confident that BIZPHYX will be able to guide you through the process.  You can access subject matter information on our knowledge base, podcast channel and here at the support desk.

    So that’s the QuEST Forum TL 9000 road map for 2012.  It’s going to be a busy year for a rapidly deploying ICT quality management standard!

    Check back soon as we’re going to provide readers with some guidance on TL 9000 curriculum paths.  This subject came up while preparing for India’s TL 9000 Overview courses (Bob Clancy is heading to India this weekend).  Later in the month, we will also provide you with an update on our TL 9000 education efforts at the NTCA Conference, also taking place next week in San Diego.  If you need immediate assistance on TL 9000, ISO 9001 or ISO 14001, contact: info@bizphyx.com.


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    Where Will Asia Stand With TL 9000 Telecom Quality Management In 2012? 

    As we returned from the QuEST Forum APAC Best Practices Conference in Beijing, China which centered on the demand for quality, it was very coincidental that several articles had just been released in the USA regarding issues with supply chain quality in China and India.  One has to wonder–can Asia really embrace quality management practices and standards like TL 9000 in the years to come?

    Tim Harden, President of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations for AT&T, who is also the 2011 QuEST Forum Executive Board Chair, delivered the opening address of the conference.  In his thoughtful and powerful remarks, he discussed network evolution and the resulting mandate for quality.  This mandate is clearly reinforced through TL 9000 certification, which delivers on a common quality language for the communications industry.  TL 9000 measurements help certified companies use their data to improve performance like OTD (on-time delivery), because organizations can see where they benchmark against their industry peers.  Tim provided impressive metrics regarding what AT&T is experiencing relative to their supply chain performance as a result of utilizing TL 9000 certified suppliers.

    Dr. Yang Gang (Freeman), Founder and CEO of the Zero-Defect Management Institute and Deputy Director of Quality and Competitiveness for the Research Center at Peking University, delivered a keynote presentation entitled:  China Needs a Quality Revolution From “Made in China” to “China Quality”.  The title of his keynote address could not have framed the current challenge any better.

    For those APAC companies who showed leadership by attending the conference, they were able to learn quality best practices from numerous workshops and presentations like the one delivered by Rachel Buckley, Director of Quality Programs for AT&T regarding supplier performance management and supplier scorecards.  S.M. Balasubramaniyan’s presentation on The Value of TL 9000 Registration: A Supplier’s Journey was also compelling.  S.M. is a Vice President with Wipro Technologies and a QuEST Forum Executive Contributor.

    Yet after all of the workshops delivered by these industry leaders and other participating companies like Alcatel-Lucent, Bharti Airtel, BIZPHYX, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Huawei, IBM, Infosys, JDSU, KARLEE, Motorola Mobility, Nokia Siemens Networks, QuEST Forum, Telmar Network Technology, Wipro and ZTE—where do Asian service providers and suppliers go from here?  There is a small buzz that China as a nation may look to adopt the standard, perhaps from a regulatory perspective.  While this is purely speculative at this point, do quality standards with their service providers like China Telecom—really matter to us in the USA?

    Well, it’s very short shortsighted to believe that with the next generation networks, cloud computing and integrated global supply chains, many of which utilize the same suppliers—that it doesn’t matter.  China and other APAC nations need to embrace quality management standards like TL 9000 with more vigor.  A recent article featured in Supply Management predicts offshoring to China will hit $10 billion by 2015.   Another article from Insurance Insight reports that the China may be the location of the next big supply chain disaster.  Just last week this article from Reuters presents a case that India supply chain chaos is the next hurdle for global retailers.

    One significant advantage of certifying to TL 9000 (there are many) is the risk management component.  The potential suppliers that may be depicted in these articles can certainly benefit from certifying to the standard to improve their organizational efficiencies.  By implementing risk management contingencies they can help prevent global supply chain catastrophes.

    Where will Asia stand with TL 9000 in the years to come?  We are hopeful and encouraged that their telecom industry leaders will continue to foster a culture of quality, similar to the demand for TQM in Japan in the 1980’s.  BIZPHYX is going to be on the forefront of this continued TL 9000 education movement.  In February, BIZPHYX Senior Vice President Bob Clancy will be heading to India to conduct TL 9000 education and training in 4 cities including Bangalore and Dehli.  Bob along with Satyendra Kumar, Senior Vice President and Group Head of Infosys Technologies, who is also a member of the QuEST Forum Executive Board, will be leading an accelerated effort to help Indian suppliers and service providers champion quality management practices in the region.

    So stay tuned, it’s going to be an interesting year for the growth and adoption of TL 9000 in the USA and around the globe, including China and India.  Xu Feng, Co-Chair of the QuEST Forum Greater China Hub and others like Sheng Fei with CNCA and Yang Zhongatao with China Telecom are going to be very busy!  For more information about TL 9000 training, implementation and consulting contact info@bizphyx.com.

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    BIZPHYX Approved As Global TL 9000 Training Provider 

    BIZPHYX the nation’s leading quality management consultancy, specializing in the implementation of TL 9000 (the telecommunications quality standard), is pleased to announce that they have been approved as a global provider of TL 9000 sanctioned training.

    For several years, BIZPHYX has been a QuEST Forum selected training provider in North and South America.  As a new global training provider of TL 9000 sanctioned training, BIZPHYX will be participating in the APAC Best Practices Conference in November in Beijing, China and the APAC Best Practices Conference in April 2012 in Delhi, India.  BIZPHYX is now able to facilitate international training projects and this coincides with additional ventures to help promote telecommunications quality in Asia, while advancing multi-national women owned businesses.

    “We are thrilled at the opportunity to provide TL 9000 QuEST Forum sanctioned training around the globe,” said Sue Clancy, President and CEO of BIZPHYX.  “Over the next several months, we will begin meeting with companies in China and India to explain the benefits of TL 9000 certification.  Global quality standards are an imperative in the telecommunications industry and TL 9000 is that standard.”  BIZPHYX is now designated as a global training provider on the QuEST Forum website.

    BIZPHYX has the distinction of two TL 9000 Master Trainers on staff and unlike other quality consultants, is also certified to both ISO 9001 and TL 9000.  BIZPHYX is a member of QuEST Forum, the American Society of Quality, the Institute For Supply Management and the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association.  The company assists clients in other industries such as energy and transportation with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 training, consulting, internal auditing and risk management services and develops supplier development and strategic sourcing solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

    BIZPHYX now serves clients in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Asia. For more information on TL 9000 training in Asia, contact info@bizphyx.com

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