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    TL 9000 News From The Field in Beijing, China: State Of Communications Quality 

    BIZPHYX executives will be returning home this weekend from what was an event filled QuEST Forum APAC conference in Beijing, China.  While TL 9000 education and continued adoption of the standard in Asia were among the topics at this year’s APAC conference, quantifiable improvements and metrics were also reported and discussed.

    QuEST Forum released its fourth report in the series on the state of communications quality on November 8th at the APAC Best Practices Conference in Beijing.  This fourth study focuses on Edge Router Product Category trends over a five-year period from 2006 to 2011.

    In the first three QuEST Forum industry papers, Problem Reports, Fix Response Time and On-Time Delivery for Edge Routers were discussed.  This paper reviews sustained performance data from TL 9000 Industry Average and Monthly Average trends.  For the first time, the paper also examines Software Fix Quality, which was introduced to TL 9000 in 2007.

    The numbers once again clearly show the impact that TL 9000 certified companies have on the industry and network quality.

    For example, Critical Problem Reports for the Edge Router Product Category improved from an Industry Average of around 0.0017 from 2006 to 2009 to an Industry Average of 0.0004 from 2009 to 2011 representing a 76% improvementMajor Problem Reports for the Edge Router Product Category improved from an Industry Average of around 0.0055 from 2006 to 2009 to an Industry Average of 0.00037 from 2009 to 2011 representing a 90% improvement.  On the Software Quality front there were also significant fixes.

    You can download the complete report at the BIZPHYX Knowledge Center or you can visit the TL 9000.org website.

    The reality is that TL 9000 certified companies make the best suppliers and partners in the telecommunications space.  You can be assured TL 9000 certified companies have quality management processes in place that support these report findings.  To maintain their certifications, TL 9000 certified companies employ rigorous practices such as corrective and preventive action plans and risk mitigation methods, while measuring and reporting their outcomes to the QuEST Forum MRS (Measurements Repository), from which best in class and other collective statistics are reviewed and released in reports such as this.

    Stay tuned next week as we report more from the field and post a 2-part podcast series on TL 9000 Advanced Quality.   Contact info@bizphyx.com if you require any further information on this study.


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    TL 9000 News: Insights From The QF Americas Best Practices Conference 

    BIZPHYX executives recently returned from the 2011 QuEST Forum Americas Best Practices Conference held in Seattle. The conference entitled “Integrated Communications: The Next Quality Paradigm” proved to be an illuminating meeting with an unexpected thread weaving its way through the presentations—stories of incredible revenue growth, as a result of TL 9000 certification.

    Tim Harden, President of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations for AT&T opened the conference as the 2011 QuEST Forum Executive Board Chair and spoke on “Network Evolutions and The Mandate For Quality”.  Tim Harden is responsible for all related global functions, including strategic sourcing, purchasing, supplier quality and supplier diversity programs, supply chain logistics and distribution, and fleet management for AT&T Services.  These responsibilities cover all aspects of AT&T’s business, including wireless, IP-based communications, high speed Internet access, local and long distance voice, directory publishing, marketing and advertising services.

    Both Tim’s keynote and the work group sessions addressed the mandate for quality, as the telecommunications industry continues to rapidly deploy new technologies, with increased pressures on speed to market (cloud computing, etc.).  TL 9000, the telecommunications quality standard continues to meet the expectations of the industry, not only from the quality perspective, but also in terms of the incredible value it is bringing to the suppliers and service providers that certify to the standard.

    As suppliers related their stories and best practices, a secondary message emerged from the conference, a story of the sizable revenue growth shared by many of the diverse suppliers who have certified to the standard.  In some cases, we learned of companies that within the last 2-5 years have experienced 150% revenue increases, most of which they attributed to TL 9000 certification.  Because TL 9000 prepares a certified company to better scale business processes to handle an increase in demand (whether organically or by competitor acquisition), it fortifies expansion.  Certification helps an organization handle rapid growth without collapsing from the inside or decreasing customer service quality.  We hope to publish a case study in the very near future, chronicling some the accounts presented at the conference.

    These success stories seemed to reinforce what Tim Harden affirmed in his keynote, that AT&T must address demand, innovation, coordination, collaboration and integration with their suppliers.  Since AT&T expects that their suppliers address niche solutions and be able to answer concerns such as speed to market, time to delivery, reliability and common measures of performance, it is no wonder the company drives TL 9000 through their supply chain.  TL 9000 addresses all of these critical elements of supplier quality.

    Are your processes strong enough to support a 10-fold increase in demand?  That was a question posed to the attendees of the conference.

    Perhaps your answer to that question is defined by investing in TL 9000 certification.  If you’re already certified, your answer may be framed by how you leverage your certification to meet the demands of service providers like AT&T and position your business to increase revenues as a result.

    TL 9000 adoption is now global and BIZPHYX is participating in the expansion by helping to bring TL 9000 education to ASIA.  We will share with our readers what comes out of the APAC Best Practices Conference in Beijing, China in November. BIZPHYX President, Sue Clancy and BIZPHYX Senior Vice President, Bob Clancy will be delivering TL 9000 education to APAC businesses, eager to learn about TL 9000, telecommunications quality and quality managements standards.  Keynote and executive speakers from IBM, AT&T, Ericsson, China Telecom-Shanghai, Huawei, ZTE and Fujitsu will also be present.

    Tune in next week as we release a new educational podcast on “TL 9000 Measurements For “v” Service Organizations” and address some new trends in supplier quality and supply management.  Please feel free to contact info@bizphyx.com with any questions or assistance with TL 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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    Has TL 9000 Improved Telecommunications Industry Quality? 

    When clients are making the decision to certify to TL 9000, a question that we are often asked is if certification will make their company stronger and help to reduce poor quality.  The answer is a resounding “yes”,  as evidenced by the improvements in profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction organizations experience as they mature in their quality system (TL 9000 and ISO 9001).

    TL 9000 is in its second decade as the telecommunications quality standard.  QuEST Forum the governing body over the standard, fields the same questions about improvements in quality and performance.  To back-up claims about TL 9000 and TL 9000 certified companies; they publish a number of reports regarding measures in different categories.  Has TL 9000 improved telecommunications industry quality?  That would also be a resounding “yes” and the numbers simply don’t lie.

    For example, in the Hardware Return Rates (FR) Wireless Network Infrastructure Study, the monthly average ERI over the four categories improved 45% from 2.0% per year to 1.1 % per year.  YRR showed dramatic improvement in 2 of 4 product categories (Base Transceiver System with 75% decrease in returns and WLAN Base Stations with 71% decrease in returns.)

    In the OTD (On Time Delivery) Study, five categories experienced major delivery performance improvement.  The overall variability across categories reduced from (31% – 98%) to (72% – 99%) and the Worst In Class delivery performance improved on average from 30% to 54%.  The data clearly illustrates the importance and benefits of TL 9000 measurements and benchmarking.  Use your data in RFPs to show clients the benefits you bring as a TL 9000 supplier.  All of the current QuEST Forum reports can be accessed on our Knowledge Base and make great case statements about the value of being a TL 9000 certified company.

    Next week, we will address a question that we have received about ISO 5001 regarding “energy management”.  Then we begin a new 4-part series on TL 9000’s alignment with ISO 14001, the environmental management system (EMS).  You won’t want to miss this series, as corporate sustainability now strongly influences best practices and trends in procurement and supply management.  For more information on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TL 9000 implementation contact: info@bizphyx.com.

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    TL 9000 News: Updated TL 9000 Portal and Best Practices 

    Many exciting things are happening regarding the TL 9000 standard and its growth and acceptance in ASIA.  We’ve got an important announcement next week regarding BIZPHYX’s new role in that process.  The 2011 APAC Best Practices Conference will be held November 8-10, 2011 in Beijing, China and will center around the theme “Integrated Communications: The Next Quality Paradigm.”  BIZPHYX CEO, Sue Clancy will be facilitating jump-starts at this conference in Beijing.

    The next QuEST Forum America’s Best Practices Conference will be held September 12–14, 2011 in Seattle, Washington, following the same theme of “Integrated Communications”.  BIZPHYX is a sponsor of the Executive Board Dinner along with colleagues Teltech Communications and Triage Partners.

    Recently, the Annual Performance Data Reports (PDRs) were recalculated to include the average number of normalization units from all certified registrations in 2010 for each of the measurements where normalization units apply.  These Annual PDRs are accessed from the TL 9000 Registration home page and are free to all TL 9000 certified registrations.  QuEST Forum member companies will be able to retrieve all product category’s Annual PDR data in early July from the normal monthly Performance Data Reports access page.

    Finally, the latest version of the QuEST Forum/TL 9000 portal is now live.  Several changes were made, including the explicit declaration of exclusions and exemptions in the TL 9000 registration profile and the addition of a new feature-the ability to upload photos for QuEST Forum events.  You can also view photos uploaded by other conference attendees.

    Please RSS the support desk for the latest TL 9000 news and announcements.  For more information contact info@bizphyx.com.

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    TL 9000 News Update: Measurements For Next Generation Networks 

    It has been a busy time regarding the future of the TL 9000 standard.  Last week at the EMEA Best Practices Conference held in Rome, Italy, Tim Harden, President of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations for AT&T was the featured speaker.  Tim’s presentation entitled “Network Evolution & The Mandate for Quality”, addressed current trends regarding the increase in IP traffic on the network, emphasizing the challenges for the supply chain to improve quality and performance to meet customer requirements.

    Over the next five years, existing communication networks will be evolving into an IP-based architecture.  This encompasses a high degree of software in network elements. The current methods used to measure the efficiency and performance of the networks do not apply to these new technologies.  This new measurement challenge is being addressed by a special executive initiative within QuEST Forum.  The objective of this project is to create a new blueprint and guide the implementation of TL 9000 measurements for the future IP-based network.

    BIZPHYX is involved in many initiatives that continue to advance the TL 9000 standard, which includes multiple roles on a variety of QuEST Forum committees and workgroups, such as the Small Business Subgroup.  The Small Business Subgroup includes QuEST Forum member companies who serve as TL 9000 subject matter experts (SMEs) and who help develop solutions to small business problems.  This group meets monthly to share these best practices.  This month, Gale Leonard, who operates the Tampa office of BIZPHYX, will be leading training on “Implementing Effective Corrective Action Plans”.

    Stay tuned to the TL 9000 support desk for future news and updates on these emerging trends and topics regarding TL 9000 quality.  For more information e-mail info@bizphyx.com.

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    The Value Of TL 9000 and ISO 9001 Certifications 

    This week we begin a 3-part series on the value of obtaining TL 9000 and ISO 9001 certifications. If you’re new to the world of quality management and considering making this investment in your company, or if you have recently obtained your certification(s), this video will be very helpful to you.  BIZPHYX President and CEO, Sue Clancy was recently interviewed for a program developed with the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce.  This brief video outlines how obtaining a quality management certification can help you compete for corporate contracts and government bids:

    Next week, we will continue our series with posts dedicated to tips for “marketing” and “selling” your TL 9000 and ISO 9001 certification(s). If you have any questions regarding our webinar based implementation program, please contact: sclancy@bizphyx.com.

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