Bob Clancy, BIZPHYX SVP Receives 2010 COO Award

Bob Clancy, is one of the major content contributors to this TL 9000 Support Desk and blog.  We wanted our readers to know that the information you receive from Bob is both cutting edge and highly regarded in the world of telecommunications and quality.  We’re proud to announce that Bob recently received the 2010 QuEST Forum COO Award.  You can view the photos at:

Bob was given this award for being instrumental in creating the content for the online e-learning courses.  He also presents the yearly Executive Board training, is the 2011 Secretary of the GBE Work Group and is also a QuEST Forum TL 9000 master trainer.  Congratulations Bob, you’re truly our TL 9000 expert!

Don’t forget to check in on Monday for the conclusion of Bob’s current series on the value of TL 9000 in multiple communication segments.