Accessing Performance Data Reports: Have You Set Up The Correct Permissions?

Are you having trouble accessing information after you log into the TL 9000 web site?  It might be as simple as setting up the correct permissions.  A colleague’s firm recently joined QuEST Forum in order to view TL 9000 PDR’s (Performance Data Reports), but could not access them.  My colleague then tried to view the PDRs to see the trended data.  He was unable to see the data.  As it turns out, even though his firm became a member, he needed to log in and set permission for himself to view the information.

QuEST Forum’s portal information strategy involves setting up various permissions on the web site to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your company account and other information gateways.  If you’re having trouble viewing data, one of the first things you should do is check your user profile.  To do this, simply go to and log in.  Click on “manage user permissions”.  Choose the user and click on “edit permissions”.  Check the box that says “View TL 9000 Performance Data Reports”.

As the primary administrator, you may set permissions for yourself and others in the company.  As a secondary user, you will need to contact the primary administrator of your company and request permission for activities such as viewing PDRs.  If you don’t know who your primary administrator is, you may search for the name at Put your cursor on the TL 9000 Registration tab, then on Certified Registrations.  You will see a screen where you can search for your company.  When you find your company name, click on it.  The information will be listed.  This post should help you access information on the TL 9000 website.  If you require further assistance, contact  As TL 9000 experts, our consultants are always available to answer questions about the TL 9000 standard and QuEST Forum.  Next week, we begin a highly requested series on “project planning”.