Marketing Your Quality Certification: What Is Your Value Proposition?

This week, we are concluding our series with tips for “marketing” your certification.  If you have followed along for the last 3 weeks, we’ve outlined the benefits of ISO and TL 9000 certification and how to sell these benefits to potential customers.   This transitions nicely into what you can do to “market” your certification.  When you’re in front of a potential customer, selling them on the value of your TL 9000 or ISO 9001 certification, you should be providing a value proposition which includes what you can do for that customer, as a direct result of your quality certification.

Simply put, a value proposition summarizes why the customer should buy your service or product.  This statement should convince a potential customer that your product/service will add more value to their supply chain or better solve a problem, than other similar offerings (competitors).  This value proposition, which can include the benefits of your certification, should also be used in your company’s marketing materials.

While including a certification logo on your website or business cards is a good idea, there are many other things you should do to market your certification and position your organization as a “quality certified company”.  Consider creating a quality section on your website, where you can state your value proposition, post important statistics and provide your company’s quality policy.  You should also issue press releases on the web about your certification.  What about Twitter posts or putting your TL 9000 logo on company vehicles?

These are just a few examples of the many tactics that can be used to position your company above the competition.  In 2011, BIZPHYX will be offering a course on “Marketing Your Quality Certification”.  Check our website for the latest courses offered live or on our LMS.  Next week, we will cover accessing performance data reports and then we begin an in-depth series on project planning.  For more information, please contact