TL 9000 Measurements: DSR Advisories

As we continue the discussion on recent measurement changes, there are some changes that do not necessarily accompany the Release 4.5 Measurements Handbook , but are important to know.  One such change is the introduction of advisories on the DSR (Data Submission Report) that QuEST Forum emails to users of the Measurements Repository System, to confirm that measurements data has been received.  The DSR contains useful information including the submission date, which helps the auditor and your management determine whether or not the data was submitted timely.

At the bottom of the DSR, you will see a notation called Advisory Message(s).  There may be one or more advisories listed along with an explanation as to what they mean.  This is due to the fact that QuEST Forum has upgraded their measurements repository algorithms to look for anomalies in your data submission.  There are thirteen such advisories.  You can find the list and guidance on the TL 9000 website under alerts and news/data submissions.  Advisories are designed to tell you that something odd was noticed in the data. Here is an example message: “NPR1 >>>>> Advisory #1 – the calculated Measurement over the smoothed period is perfect.” This doesn’t mean that something is necessarily wrong with the data, but it looks odd since the measure has been perfect (i.e. no problem reports) over the period monitored.

What does this mean to you?  As a certified organization you are required to analyze the data and determine if it was wrong.  If there is no issue, no action is required.  If the data is wrong, you are required to resubmit it.  More importantly, you will be required to demonstrate conformance with this requirement.  Therefore, you should use a text or word document to record that you investigated the data in question and that there was nothing wrong, or record what was wrong and what corrective action was taken.  This should answer any questions you have regarding DSR Advisories.   If you require further information or upgrade support, contact