An Update On SCTE’s Energy 2020 Program: Improving Energy Efficiency In Cable

Energy efficiency, like other important C-suite topics (sustainability, CSR, supply chain risk and IT security), is an imperative for the entire ICT industry.  Many individual companies within the ICT space are looking to improve energy efficiency in their own way.  Some work to achieve this through the implementation of specific corporate goals and objectives through ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications.

Like QuEST Forum, many other ICT professional member groups are also tackling this issue at the organizational level to include standards and best practices.

About 6 months ago SCTE (The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers) formally launched its Energy 2020 program at the 2014 SCTE Expo.



SCTE Energy 2020 Program Link


Energy 2020 brings together cable operator and vendor expertise to create alignment on standards and operational practices, to drive design and implementation of equipment, and to create SCTE training resources that will enable workforce teams to optimize technology for maximum efficiency.

The program mission is to envision what energy will look like in cable in 2020 and to improve energy management.  Watch this video announcement from the 2014 SCTE Expo.  You can also watch an in depth program presentation video here on the SCTE website.





By targeting maximum customer up-time and enabling capacity growth via successful organizational, customer and environmental energy solutions, the program goals include:


  • Reduce Power Consumption by 20% on a Unit Basis

– Energy Cost Reduction by 25% on a Unit Basis

– Reduce Grid Dependency by 10%

– Optimize Technical Facilities & Datacenter Footprints by 20%


Energy 2020 Initiatives:

Organizationally, SCTE has identified 9 primary initiatives across five categories:  Facilities, Plant, Operations, Technology, and Marketing/Regulatory.   The standards program is being led by industry giants such as Cox, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, SuddenLink, Bright House Networks and Rogers.


Since its launch, Energy 2020 is gaining serious traction.  In January of 2015, Balan Nair, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Liberty Global joined the program’s leadership as Co-Chair, alongside John Shanz, Executive Vice President and Chief Network Officer of Comcast Cable.

Just a few weeks ago, Dave Fellows, Co-Founder and Chief Technology officer of Layer3 TV joined the leadership team of the Energy 2020 program as Chief Scientist.  His goal will be to accelerate the cable industry’s strategic approach to energy resource management.  You can read the press release here >.

We think it’s important to recognize other member organizations who strive to improve energy efficiency and drive sustainable business practices across the ICT supply chain.  Cudos to the SCTE!


The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) is a non-profit professional association that provides technical leadership for the telecommunications industry and serves its members through professional development, standards, certification and information. SCTE operates globally via its International Society of Broadband Experts (ISBE) brand.  Visit SCTE online at


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