TL 9000 Informational Alert 15-003A

For all of our TL 9000 certified clients, QuEST Forum has issued TL 9000 Alert 15-003A regarding the “Code of Practice” for Certifying Bodies (CBs).   This new alert announces the publication of Release 6.1 of the Code of Practice for TL 9000 Certification Bodies.


TL Alert 15-003A From QuEST Forum (NEW)

TL Alert 15-003A From QuEST Forum


Certification Bodies are encouraged to use this new edition immediately.  It must be used effective 1 July, 2015.  Some of these changes were made in response to the results of the 2010-11 Validation Audits.  While intended to ensure the effectiveness of 3rd party audits, the Code of Practice can also be useful to all organizations to guide internal and supplier audits!

You can access and download this alert at our Knowledge Center and at the  TL 9000 website. For more information on TL 9000, contact