New ISO Standard Focused On Sustainable Communities Reaches Final Stage

The future of sustainable communities just got closer as ISO/DIS 37101 moves to the final stage of development.  As mentioned in a previous post, ISO’s new standard, ISO 37101 is centered on the sustainable development of “communities”.  Click here for the news release from ISO.


Following is a video from May 2014 as the process was still headed towards DIS:


The standard is now fully formed and has reached the final stage known as FDIS (Final Draft International Standard).  The goals of ISO 37101 is to be a valuable contribution towards sustainability as “whole”.  The desire if for no sustainability “silos”.


Here’s a snap shot of the standard’s intended objectives:


-Developing holistic and integrated approaches instead of working in silos (which can hinder sustainability)

-Fostering social and environmental changes

-Improving health and wellbeing

-Encouraging responsible resource use and

-Achieving better governance


The architects of this new standard believe there is a much wider audience for ISO 37101 than community planners, city managers, municipal governments or public utilities.  We’ll see how it all plays out.


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