How ISO Develops Quality Standards: 5 Stages Of Development (Video)

When we first got notice of this video, we didn’t know if we should laugh– or gasp.  The development of ISO standard is certainly a complicated process and probably worthy of distillation for the masses—but sock puppets, with names?  We couldn’t help but share ISO’s recent video on how world quality standards are developed.  While it’s a tongue and cheek video with actual sock puppets, the host does a very good job of breaking it all down and clearly defines the 5 stages of quality standards development.  Learn (and laugh)…



Seriously….here are the 5 stages of development:


1. New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) Stage

2. The Working Document (WD) Stage

3. The Committee Draft  (CD) Stage

4. The Draft International Standard (DIS) Stage

5. Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) Stage


For a detailed explanation of the various stages, click the image link below to go to ISO’s documentation page:


5 Stages Of Quality Standards Development


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