The TL 9000 Global Footprint Expands In Mexico

TL 9000 continues to gain global momentum as an international ICT quality standard and the trend continues in Mexico!   We recently had the privilege of working with Condumex in Mexico on their TL 9000 audit training.

Featured in these photos are BIZPHYX SVP, Bob Clancy (holding book) with a TL 9000 auditing class at Condumex.  These executives have just learned how to audit the TL 9000 quality standard.

BIZPHYX Condumex TL 9000 Class Graduates

Condumex is a division of Grupo Condumex, one of the most important industrial consortiums in Mexico.  It is currently the most prestigious manufacturer of electrical conduits in the country and is currently of the largest holder of valid patents in Mexico.

BIZPHYX At Condumex

Congratulations Condumex!

Calidad de las TIC sigue avanzando en todo el mundo y BIZPHYX se ha asociado con sus clientes internacionales para que esto ocurra !

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