Winds Of Change Come To QuEST Forum and ICT Quality

Living in Texas we deal with a lot of wind.   In the fall, when temperatures are dropping we experience “northers” blowing down on Texas, bringing with them cooler weather and lots of wind.  In fact, we had 90 mph winds just a few weeks ago from a thunderstorm.  However fall is my favorite time of year, as it ushers in a welcomed change from the heat.

Right now, I see many “winds of change” happening in the ICT industry, with next generation technologies, quality standards and leadership.  At the September QuEST Forum Americas Best Practices Conference held in Florida, Tim Harden, President of AT&T Supply Chain and Fleet Operations, announced his retirement at the end of 2014.

If you have been around QuEST Forum for any amount of time, you know that Tim has been a real force of leadership and has been a true advocate for small business.  Tim is one of the few executives I know in this industry, that is always gracious and more than willing to take the time to speak with you.   It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, a C-suite executive with a large corporation or anything in between, Tim is always there to shake hands, encourage and share his years of wisdom.  He is a legend and will be greatly missed in the leadership of QuEST Forum and especially with Small Business.

He has tirelessly elevated the case for ICT supply chain quality and next generation technologies as a 2-time Chairman of the QuEST Forum Executive Board.  While I know that very capable leaders will continue his legacy at QuEST Forum, he will always have a very special place in my heart for his kindness, especially for allowing me to interrupt him at any time, to introduce a small business or new diverse supplier.   In all the time I have had the pleasure to know Tim, not once did I ever see him be anything but gracious.  He is a rare breed, an incredible leader, a true patriot and one of the just plain “good men” in this world.  We will miss him tremendously.

As I said, our industry is navigating many winds of change.  Be sure you are prepared for these changes, like the ISO 9001 revision coming in 2015.  BIZPHYX is staying on top of all of the ISO developments and we will be ready to help your company upgrade and implement to the new standard(s).

Tim, thank you again for your leadership and your friendship,

Sue Clancy

President and CEO of BIZPHYX