QuEST Forum, TL 9000 & The NTCA: Navigating Necessary Change

In late October 2013 (after the publication of our Q3 edition of The Standard), Fraser Pajak, CEO of QuEST Forum participated in a keynote panel discussion at Telco Vision, a signature event hosted by the NTCA (The Rural Broadband Association).  BIZPHYX has been a long-standing member of the NTCA.

Approximately 1500 rural telecom executives and suppliers attend Telco Vision.  During the panel discussion, Fraser presented a short overview of QuEST Forum and TL 9000.  He and the other panelists also answered questions about the challenges rural service providers face in light of technology changes, increasing customer demand and the ever-changing landscape of regulations.  As rural telecom evolves in terms of services and technologies, embracing quality standards will become critical to the survival of these telcos.

Fraser received positive feedback and numerous questions about QuEST Forum and the ability to set quality standards and benchmark results.  Fraser’s comments were also referenced in an article published in Light Reading, a web-based ICT technology blog.  We now have a link to that article: Rural Telcos Admit Major Changes Are Needed (click to view).

It is important to note that one of QuEST Forum’s newest Board members, John Greene was instrumental in arranging Fraser Pajak’s speaking engagement at Telco Vision, helping to formally introduce QuEST Forum and TL 9000 to a new audience.  John is Chief Engineer of Great Plains Communications, based in Blair, Nebraska.  John participated in two different panel discussions during this 3-day conference as well.  You can read more about John in an upcoming article on the 2014 QuEST Forum Leadership Summit.

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