New TL 9000 Case Study: Repair Trends In Companies Using TL 9000 (Product Category 7.4)

In case you missed it, QuEST Forum has posted a great new TL 9000 case study.  The recently published “Repair Services Industry Report” covers Repair Services (or TL 9000 Product Category 7.4).  This paper is the seventh in a series using TL 9000 Performance Data Reports (PDRs) to illustrate industry performance.  The measurements examined in this study include: Number of Problem Reports, Problem Report Fix Response Time and On Time Delivery of Service.  The study examines the Industry Average for Repair Services for a two-year period from February 2011 to January 2013.

The numbers don’t lie.  TL 9000 has a serious, positive impact on ICT quality.  Here’s a great example, the FRT4 Industry Average.  The FRT4 Industry Average trend line improved from a low of 89% to a high of 95% showing that customers of TL 9000 registered organizations can have confidence that their Problem Reports will be fixed on time.

The Overdue Fix Response Time (OFR4) Industry Average improved from 83% to 92%.  The On Time Service Industry Average trend improved from 88% to 94%.  While the number of participants submitting data did not change from April 2012 through January 2013, the Problem Report Industry Average improved by 50%.  This ICT case study was covered by Reuters (here).


Read the report on our knowledebase or download a copy here (click the image below).

QuEST Forum: TL 9000 Repair Services Industry Report 2013

QuEST Forum: TL 9000 Repair Services Industry Report 2013


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