ISO Summer Update: ISO 9001 Revision Reaches Committee Draft Stage

As many of you may be aware, ISO 9001:2008 will be getting a makeover.  We had a great deal of chatter on our social sites when we announced the forthcoming update.  Since TL 9000 and ISO 14001 can be impacted by updates, we will keep our readers informed.  Generally, the summer is a quieter time in the quality management world after key conferences conclude and summer vacations commence.  However, it was announced in late June that ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems-Requirements has reached the “Committee Draft” stage of the revision process.  Like all ISO standards, ISO 9001 undergoes a revision every five years to ensure it remains a relevant and important business tool.

What does this mean and what happens next? 

Once the national positions have been submitted, the standard revision process follows its course.  Experts (nominated by the ISO member in the participating countries) continue to meet to discuss any problems or questions highlighted until a Draft International Standard is published.  As expected, the draft will be open for public commentary and feedback will be considered.

ISO expects to publish the new version of ISO 9001:2008 by the end of 2015.  After any update, there is a transition period (which typically lasts two years), before ISO 9001:2008 becomes out of date.  Again, we will keep our clients and readers posted on any major updates, drafts, etc.  The ISO General Assembly will be meeting this year in September in St. Petersburg, Russia.  You can access this link to learn more about the ISO standards development process.

ISO announces winner of the WSC poster competition

Each year the World Standards Cooperation (WSC) runs a competition to find the poster to provide the visual identity to World Standards Day which is October 14, 2013.  This year, in honor of the event, we will be publishing our Q3 edition of THE STANDARD on October 14, 2013.

Open to all, the 2013 poster competition asked for a poster illustrating the current year’s theme: “International Standards Ensure Positive Change”.


The winner of the first prize was Frederica Scott Vollrath of Germany.  This is her poster:

Image of the World Standards Day 2013 Poster Competition

You can access this page to see all of the contender poster images.


Tune in in the next month for our mid-year update on TL 9000, which will include upcoming changes and how the standard’s adoption is progressing in the USA and around the globe.  For more information on implementing TL 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 contact