TL 9000 Alert: 12-002A: Method To Address Product Categories With No PDRs

TL 9000 Alert 12-002A issued on October 4, 2012, was released by QuEST Forum to announce a method to address situations where a product category has less than three participating organizations, and as a result no PDRs are available.

These situations reduce the value of TL 9000 certifications to organizations in these product categories, since a main benefit of certification is access to benchmark data, either through a full set of PDRs (for QuEST Forum Members), or Annual PDRs (for non-QuEST Forum member certified organizations).  Certified organizations in these low participation product categories will now receive annual PDR reports for a “similar” product category (i.e. has similar functionality, reliability expectation, and/or technology).  For the complete PDF, visit the BIZPHYX Knowledge Center to download or visit the TL 9000 website.

In addition, we have posted a visual chart of the suggested “similar product categories”.  This table reflects recommended mapping of low participation product categories, to “similar” ones.  These will be reviewed at least, on an annual basis.

Similar Product Categories For PDRs Table

Similar Product Categories For PDRs Table

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