BIZPHYX Executives Receive The 2011 QuEST Forum COO Award

At the recent QuEST Forum Leadership Summit in Dallas, several executives were recognized at the Executive Board Dinner and received awards for “going above and beyond” their responsibilities to support the forum and TL 9000 telecommunications quality.  This recognition known as the COO Award was presented to 12 executives, including two from BIZPHYX:

Sue Clancy, President and CEO received the COO Award for her work to build the awareness, relevance and membership status of small businesses, her dedication to enhancing the effectiveness of the “Jump Start” program and her ongoing recruiting efforts for QuEST Forum membership.

Jennifer Simcox, Vice President, received the COO Award for taking the new member peer program across all three regions.  She has tirelessly recruited peers and set up a program to mentor new members for 18 months to ensure that new members are active and engaged from the beginning.

Sue and Jennifer share this award with great company.  Other 2011 COO winners include Beth Ford of AT&T, Joan Lynn of Axis Teknologies, Woobyung Chae of Bizpeer, Bernd Kohnke of BT Group, Jeff Bostow of CenturyLink, Sheronda Jeffries and Vinny Arrigali of Cisco, Mark Barnes of KGP Logistics, Ruud Slijhuis of KPN and Tom Yohe, of Telmar Network Technology.

BIZPHYX also made the QuEST Forum 340 Club for 2011.  340 Club members earn points for their participation in 11 categories which include attendance and volunteer participation at regional BPCs, Executive Board, Leadership Council, Strategic Initiatives, Work Groups (IGQ, OSWG, GBE) and with Work Group sub-teams activities.  Corporate sponsorship is also a category.

BIZPHYX shares this honor with other member firms who are working diligently to elevate quality standards and best practices in the telecommunication industry.  Other 340 Club members include ADTRAN, Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Axis Teknologies, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Huawei Technologies, KGP Logistics, Telcordia Technologies, Tellabs and Telmar Network Technology.

Congratulations to all of our peers who believe passionately in quality.  We hope 2012 is an even better year for the telecom industry!