TL 9000 News: Updated TL 9000 Portal and Best Practices

Many exciting things are happening regarding the TL 9000 standard and its growth and acceptance in ASIA.  We’ve got an important announcement next week regarding BIZPHYX’s new role in that process.  The 2011 APAC Best Practices Conference will be held November 8-10, 2011 in Beijing, China and will center around the theme “Integrated Communications: The Next Quality Paradigm.”  BIZPHYX CEO, Sue Clancy will be facilitating jump-starts at this conference in Beijing.

The next QuEST Forum America’s Best Practices Conference will be held September 12–14, 2011 in Seattle, Washington, following the same theme of “Integrated Communications”.  BIZPHYX is a sponsor of the Executive Board Dinner along with colleagues Teltech Communications and Triage Partners.

Recently, the Annual Performance Data Reports (PDRs) were recalculated to include the average number of normalization units from all certified registrations in 2010 for each of the measurements where normalization units apply.  These Annual PDRs are accessed from the TL 9000 Registration home page and are free to all TL 9000 certified registrations.  QuEST Forum member companies will be able to retrieve all product category’s Annual PDR data in early July from the normal monthly Performance Data Reports access page.

Finally, the latest version of the QuEST Forum/TL 9000 portal is now live.  Several changes were made, including the explicit declaration of exclusions and exemptions in the TL 9000 registration profile and the addition of a new feature-the ability to upload photos for QuEST Forum events.  You can also view photos uploaded by other conference attendees.

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