Update From The Field: Sustainability, Risk Mitigation and Globalization-Where Is Your Business?

This past week we attended the 2011 WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) National Conference and Business Fair held in Las Vegas.  While several different educational tracks from government procurement to supply chain management were featured, there was a consistent theme that resonated throughout the conference: sustainability, risk mitigation and globalization.  We have profiled these trends on the support desk, including a recent series on ISO 14001 and corporate sustainability.  As global supply management evolves, you must stay informed about current topics that impact corporate supply chains if you want to compete for contracts, earn business and deliver results.  Trends such as risk mitigation, sustainability, globalization, innovation and supplier development (which includes quality standards) are shaping the way corporations do business with suppliers.  There is an increased focus on sustainability initiatives in integrated and end-to-end supply chains.  Most multi-national corporations have adopted sustainability criteria into some or all aspects of their strategic sourcing processes.

What does this mean to your organization?  What does quality management have to do with these trends?  Everything.  As a supplier, your ability to embrace these requirements in your business will determine if you can remain competitive in a global marketplace.  As an organization that utilizes your own suppliers, these trends affect your growth, expansion and ability to keep costs down.  Being certified to a quality management system, like ISO 9001 or TL 9000 is one way to address these critical supply chain requirements.

Quality management, Six Sigma and a variety of other supplier requirements such as ISO 14001 were discussed as ways to tackle sustainability issues.  The WBENC Opportunity Connection Conference reinforced many of the topics we have been clarifying for clients over the last six months.  This summer we are publishing a new article on TL 9000’s alignment with ISO 14001.  For our readers certified to ISO 9001 and TL 9000, you will learn how incorporating ISO 14001 into your quality management program will help you address sustainability and globalization issues.  If you are not yet certified to a standard, this article may help you finally see the value in taking that leap!  Stay tuned this summer.  These trends are now becoming requirements and certifying to a quality standard provides the best framework to help you meet these demands.  For assistance, contact us: info@bizphyx.com.