QuEST Forum 2011 Wireless Return Rate Industry Report

Last week the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) held its annual conference in Dallas.  “Inside The Network” featured an exceptional line-up of speakers that covered topics such as the security, sustainability and reliability of the network.  QuEST Forum took this opportunity to release their 2011 Wireless Return Rate Industry Report.  This report is the third in a series on the state of communications quality.  The study was conducted over a two-year period from July 2008 to June 2010 and focused on the return rates for the wireless product family.

Does TL 9000 really make a difference in quality, beyond the wireline segment?  YES.  The study illustrates some impressive statistics that support this premise.  During the study period, return rates broadly decreased (i.e. improved) across the Wireless product family and the linear average improved for each of the measurements examined.  For example, in the Wireless product family, there was a 21% decrease in hardware returns for the Early Return Index measurement and there was an overall 80% improvement in the Rate measurement.

TL 9000 certified organizations are required to use TL 9000 benchmarking data to continually evaluate and improve their performance. These organizations experienced the improvements substantiated in the study.  To obtain a complete copy of the report you can visit the BIZPHYX Knowledge Center.  It is located under our Case Studies tab. We have the report posted for download.  You can also obtain a copy of this report at the TL website.  For additional information or for interpretation of the report’s statistics, please contact